Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Summer's over and it's time to get serious again. I had a lot of time to write, so I have completed my second novel, GOODBYE RUSSIA, HELLO AMERICA, and now comes the hard part...getting an agent and/or a publisher. so I've pulled out all my reference books looking for agents who would welcome a family saga.

This is the story about an immigrant family that comes to America in 1923. Jacob and Rueven (now Jack and Rubin) get jobs, begin dating girls, and get introduced to burlesque and bagels. Mama Ida finds it difficult adjusting to the East Bronx and is constantly pining and praying for the safety of her oldest son and his family who stayed behind in Russia.

First the depression and then WWII change everything...................................

Do you want to know more?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

It's August 17th and I've just returned from a vacation in Toronto, Canada. For eleven days, the weather was sunny, cool and beautiful. I forgot I had just come from the humidity and heat of south Florida.

Toronto is a beautiful city. It's modern skyscrapers reach skyward.  An extension designed by Daniel Liebeskind for theRoyal Ontario Museum. modernistic and breathtaking. But when we left thes premises of the museum, , we were met by verbal and signage assault by a mass of marchers - many in burkas - shouting "death to Israel," "occupiers get out of Gaza," "muslims will rule the world."

Meanwhile across the border to the US, only 60 miles away, Americans are collecting money to provide new but empty operating rooms in Hadassah Hospital with the latest equipment for saving lives...Jewish, Arab and any other  lives.

Let us remember, in these troubled times, that Saving a Life (any life) is saving a nation.

Janet S. Kleinman
(a romantic novel in the midst of earthquake ravished Haiti)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer in Florida

JULY 28, 2014 Hi my friends and readers! July here has been nothing but rain and heat, heat, heat. I spend a lot of time indoors, but I miss the outdoors. Instead I have written chapters for the new novel that hopefully will be finished soon. My good friend Charlie is here now and is helping me line edit. He also has kept me on the straight and narrow and not let me wonder off to strange incidents that do not help my story, GOODBYE RUSSIA... But it is time to take a break and I'll be flying off to city that is COLD - or cool in a few days. How have your summers been? Kindest regards, Janet S. Kleinman, Author FLIRTING WITH DISASTER WHEN LOVE AND NATURE COLLIDE.

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Literary Life of Janet S. Kleinman

It's April and Passover and Easter are nearly over. Spring is edging into summer and I continue writing. My old friends from Riverdale have returned north and it is rather lonely.

Two weeks ago I spent a wonderful three days in D.C. with my daughter and granddaughter. The cherry blossoms, however, were only buds as it was too cold for them to blossom. But we did tour the capitol, paddleboat on the Tidal Basin and enjoy the Smithsonian.

Now I'm trying to finish my second novel, GOODBYE RUSSIA, HELLO AMERICA (tentative title).  It gets harder and harder to write the ending.  But I'm determined especially if you let me know that you like a first published novel, FLIRTING WITH DISASTER WHEN LOVE AND NATURE COLLIDE. It is a romantic thriller that takes place in earthquake ravaged Haiti.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers and grandmothers who are my friends and readers.

Love, Janet The Literary Life of Janet S. Kleinman
Busy preparing for Passover. Made lemon macaroons this morning and will make a matzo farfal kugel tomorrrow. Sorry the children won't be here, but we are planning to be with good friends.

Also up to day 8 of my grandson;s blog re his visit to eastern Europe. He leaves Czecheslovakia for Poland and was quite  touched by what he saw and heard. He has looked up all the Kleinmans on the memorial plagues he has seen.....none of the names that we know of belong to his father's family. It might be different in Poland. My mother immigrated from the Pale and my father from Brest Litovsk, a city on the Bug River that separated Poland from Russia. Almost all the Jews in that city were killed...

That is in part  what motivated.the writing of GOODBYE RUSSIA, HELLO AMERICA...yet unfinished.

A Susse Pasach and a Happy Easter to all of you.
April is almost over and I haven't written to any of you. I apologize! The Passover holidays were the highlight of the month. We were invited to two by a relatively new friends who are great, and the second at Carolyn and Charlies's house, dear friends who have moved down to Florida from Riverdale. Prayers, yes, chatter too. The other female guests were also past presidents of the sisterhood of our temple up north, so between the four women we caught up with news of the whole old neighborhood and bemoaned the fact that most of our children and grandchildren lived in far-away places.

Getting to the end of my first draft, a family saga tentatively titled GOODBY RUSSIA, HELLO AMERICA.. I've started line editing some of the earlier chapters. Hope you've read FLIRTING WITH DISASTER, WHEN LOVE AND NATURE COLLIDE.

I'm wish a delightful Spring, although it seems like summer is here.


Janet S. Kleinman